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Save Money with LOQTRACK GPS Trackers: No Subscription Needed

Save Money with LOQTRACK GPS Trackers: No Subscription Needed

Investing in a GPS tracker for your vehicle can significantly enhance security, streamline trip management, and ensure compliance with new regulations. However, the recurring costs associated with many GPS trackers can add up over time. This is where LOQTRACK, sold by AlwaysTrace, stands out as a superior choice for cost-conscious consumers and businesses.

Cost Savings: No Subscription Fees

One of the most compelling features of LOQTRACK GPS trackers is that they come with no mandatory subscription fees for the tracking platform. Unlike many GPS trackers that require monthly or yearly fees, LOQTRACK includes access to their tracking platform at no additional cost. This can save users hundreds of dollars annually. For instance, typical GPS tracker subscriptions can range from $10 to $30 per month, which equates to $120 to $360 per year per device. By eliminating these fees, LOQTRACK offers a more economical solution for long-term tracking needs​.

Ease of Use and Installation

LOQTRACK GPS trackers are designed for simplicity and convenience. They come with a magnetic base, allowing for easy attachment to any metal surface in your vehicle, or you can simply place them inside the back of a car seat. This feature eliminates the need for professional installation and ensures that you can start using the device right out of the box. Moreover, these trackers can be connected to the car’s USB port for continuous power, ensuring they do not drain the vehicle’s battery​.

Ideal for Multiple Applications

Whether you are a business looking to comply with new Dutch regulations on CO2 emissions from employee commutes, an independent contractor needing to document mileage for client billing, or an individual wanting to verify traffic penalties, LOQTRACK provides all the necessary data. The ability to receive daily or weekly email summaries of all trips makes it easier to manage and submit accurate reports for various needs​.

Comprehensive Tracking Features

LOQTRACK’s GPS trackers offer real-time tracking, geofencing, and historical playback, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities. These features ensure that you always have accurate and up-to-date information on vehicle usage, which is crucial for both compliance and operational efficiency.

In conclusion, LOQTRACK GPS trackers, available through AlwaysTrace, provide a cost-effective, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution for vehicle tracking. By eliminating subscription fees and simplifying installation, LOQTRACK helps users save money while maintaining high standards of tracking and security.

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