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Do you need a subscription for a GPS tracker?

Do you need a subscription for a GPS tracker?

Understanding GPS Tracker Subscriptions: Unveiling Cost-Effective Options with AlwaysTrace

When considering the purchase of a GPS tracker, a common question arises: Do you need a subscription? Traditionally, the answer has been yes, due to the need for ongoing service components such as SIM cards and tracking platforms. However, with innovative solutions from AlwaysTrace, this norm is changing, offering considerable cost savings and convenience.

Firstly, a SIM card is essential for the functionality of most GPS trackers. It enables the device to send location data through mobile networks. Typically, this requires a monthly subscription fee because the SIM card needs to access a mobile network to transmit information. However, at AlwaysTrace, we simplify this process by including a prepaid SIM card as a topup option with each purchase of our GPS tracker. This means no additional monthly fees for the SIM card service, which is a significant deviation from the standard practice in the industry.

Moreover, to manage and utilize the data from a GPS tracker, access to a GPS Tracking Platform is crucial. These platforms allow users to view real-time and historical location information, which is vital for effective tracking. Usually, accessing such platforms involves a monthly subscription fee, which can add up over time. For instance, typical charges for a Tracking Platform can be as high as 12 euros per month.

However, AlwaysTrace stands out by including a lifetime free Tracking Platform subscription with our GPS hardware. This unique offering means that once you purchase our device, there are no recurring fees for using the tracking platform. This not only simplifies the financial outlay for customers but also enhances the value of our product considerably.

In conclusion, while most GPS tracker solutions in the market require some form of ongoing subscription, AlwaysTrace provides a comprehensive package that includes everything you need with no additional subscription costs. Our approach not only ensures full functionality with prepaid SIM cards and a free Tracking Platform but also translates into significant savings for our customers, challenging the traditional cost structure in the GPS tracking industry.

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